Neptune’s Window    Click here to Purchase    A virtual feast of visual elements, as one eye circles around the bay. The wave, rocks, clouds, coconut palms and the erupting volcano cloud on the horizon, all inviting you to take a little journey on the Big Island.
Waipio Sunrise
Limu Bloom
Dawn at Kamokuna
The Cove
Makena Glances
Magic in the Air
One Morning at Pololu
Polynesian Sunset
Honu Coverup
Local Watering Hole
Hooked on Honus
Jump In (Do Not Hesitate, Pass Go, Collect $200)
Misty Sunset
Great Light with Wonderful Friends
The Internal Wave
Island Reflections
Rush Hour
Electric Sunrise
Stringing Me Along
Lemon Drop
Puffy Clouds
Lanikai Throwback Thursday
Reflecting on a Great Day
Summer Solstice
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