Meet The Photographer: Don Slocum

Artist Statement

Don Slocum is a professional photographer living on Hawai'i Island, which he has called home for nearly thirty years. Originally from Ann Arbor, MI. he moved to Hawai'i and continued to develop his photography skills, much of which he learned on his own coupled with some formal training and  also guidance from various local artists. “It’s been great living in a supportive photographic community like the one that exists on Hawai'i Island,” Don explains.

Beginning his career photographing fashion, performers, and commercial projects, Don gravitated to landscape photography, inspired by the natural and raw beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. As may be clear from his stunning photographs, he spends a lot of time in Volcanoes National Park, around the majestic Mauna Kea, and various shore front locations on the west side of the Big Island. He says, “With its rich assortment of locations and wide diversity Hawaii Island may be unmatched on planet earth.”

Don also taps a spiritual connection, "My time spent in Hawaii has been a spiritual journey and this has greatly influenced my photographic images.  As a trained intuitive many times I receive internal information about where to go and when. This nearly always results in spectacular images.  "I really can no longer doubt it when I get the calling, day or night."

Don’s traditional photography skills greatly influence the work he does with digital cameras. While many artists today will layer or composite a number of images in the editing room, Don prefers the single-shot approach, meaning that all of his images are actual reflections of reality and are true events he was present for.

He welcomes you to join him on various adventures around the island through group, individual classes and personalized tours, whether you are just learning to use your camera, or whether you are ready to push your photography skills to a new level.